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July 24, 2011
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The game I've been working on....since a long time ago? I guess :XD: The result of a lot of "hard" work and coding :D
Well, this game is kinda complicated, so feel free to ask questions if I don't explain it well enough here:
Okay, easy enough, use the arrow keys to move Snivy around (notice I reused the Snivy sprite and the minigame "Snivy's Push to the Finish." I started on this game way before "Snivy's Push to the Finish" was made, remember that game?: [link]
Well, yeah, I just made it have more levels, and that game was made!)

Aside from that little fact, dodge the Pokeball, you have HP (Health Points), and every time the Pokeball grazes you or hits you headon, you lose HP for contact with the Pokeball! Try to live as long as you can before dying. Once you die, you need to visit the Pokemon Center to heal. It is usually free, until you get 10 + Poke money, then it costs $1.
As you can see in the Stats page, you have not unlocked many things yet until you reach Level 17, when Snivy will evolve and you will unlock a bag, a store with useful items, and even a minigame corner! Good luck guys!!!
(P.S.): It is easier to get experience and points to more you play! Your score will be added quicker and quicker as you play more rounds! :D
Comment you scores/ and or concerns/bugs, I'll TRY to fix them this time since this is a pretty big game :)
P.P.S: CODES appear after evolving, or reaching certain levels, use these codes on the "Code" page to get back to where you left off! (I know people who reach high levels won't want to start at level 1 again)

OH! I want to thank my first BETA tester: :iconjosiethebulbasaur: who gave me some feedback! :D

AND :iconramorvee: who was one of my other BETA testers an gave me the review after I posted the game :)

EDIT: 7/25/11: I've CHANGED and EDITED most of the BUGS out, so thanks to :iconramorvee: and :iconscorp200: for pointing out major errors :)
You can no longer cheat and disappear :XD:
AND GUYS, CODES are in LOWER CASE!!!! or they won't work!
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Its awesome!
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YOU BEST GAME MAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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this is my favorite game
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Thank you! :3
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codes help plz :fork:
Can someone tell me the cheats? :iconiloveyouplz:
Axew10 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This game is AWESOME! My Snivy is a Servine now, and it is really hard because i am also bankrupt for some reason when i logged on.
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