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February 14, 2012
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Here's the game that I said that I would post with the Xatu animation! :D
Anyways, it's basically just a guessing number game, but with levels and money, and other stuff to make it more interesting. :) There's a tutorial to explain most of the gameplay, but if you have any questions/bugs you want to tell me, feel free to leave a comment.
This game also has a save button, so you can play the game and come back later with the same stats!

BTW: the last level can be unlocked with "onemillionlevelyeah" as the code :XD:
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Now, this is my 2nd critique & I'm still trying to be constructive with this so: here goes nothing

I like... no, scratch that, I LOVE how you animated Xatu and the artwork for it is just INCREDIBLE as well as the background making it a pleasure to look at.

To make a Pokemon art piece like this, develop an animation, and create a mini flash game merged into one is really well thought of.

However, I have 1 criticism which has deducted your Technique star by 1: If you insert a number that's too high, not enter a number at all, or put random gobbledygook, it counts it as a guess and my advice will be to make Xatu say errors such as "That number is too high", etc. and not count it as a guess.

However, as a whole, I love playing it & I love the creation of the saving and loading buttons & they do work, restoring everything from the previous time you visited it & I love how you made it as an actual game.

Keep up the good work :3
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This flash game has its own charm, and its own flaws.

In all honesty, the concept of a random number guessing isn't something that appeals to me. In fact, it isn't something that appeals to most people. So the concept of the game itself might be in the wrong place.

The game's navigation itself is pretty weird too. For instance, on the menu, clicking on the levels will bring me to the levels page, but clicking on the back button will bring me to the stats page instead. The navigation isn't intuitive, and can definitely be improved on.

The interface can also be worked on. For example, at the stats page. The hints would take up one corner, stats take up the other, and the rest of the info are scattered around the page. I'd suggest that you make boxes that do not touch the edges, the putting the info in there. Score, level, rank and money can all go in the same box. In fact one box for each page would be easier on the eyes. The buttons could use some standardizing too. For example, you can have them all at the bottom. Let the back button always be on the bottom left, and the hints on the bottom right, or something. Having the button in the same location for all the pages will definitely help navigation a lot.

Anyway enough about the flaws. As I mentioned earlier, the concept of random numbers may be a bit odd. However, it's still pretty amusing. No matter what insult I threw at this game earlier, either way I still found myself playing on level 5 at the end of the day. And later I coded a script that helped me to key the numbers in, for the million number level. I got up to 2000, and stopped there. So that's how catching it is.

I like the saving info idea, as nobody would like their progress gone every time they leave the page. An autosave feature might be preferred, as saving info like this doesn't really slow down the game. However, I'm still a bit uneasy that this game is saving its files in an unknown location on my computer.

And cute use of the Xatu. Though I have no idea how it is related to the game, apart from a very vague connection that it's Psychic, and we're all trying to psychic the psychic. But since you already have the animation done, putting it on this game is understandable then.

Anyway that's all for my critique. I'm a programmer myself (just not in flash), so I have experience with configuring the interface for users to interact with programs. So that explains the heavy nitpicking you saw earlier. The critique is pretty harsh. that I understand. However, I did also do my best to suggest possible changes and improvements to the game. In my opinion, that's what's important in a critique: A detailed evaluation of a deviation, and to give constructive feedback to the artist. Say what you want, my work here is done (:
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I stopped at Im thinking of 1-100 Ive been doing the 1-50level like 10 times
This game is so addicting O_O who knew a number guessing game could be that addicting?
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The hints aren't helping me at all..:C
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